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‘The Fixer’– the English translation of « Het Oliemannetje »

‘The Fixer’ – the English translation of « Het Oliemannetje » makes Wytze’s adventures available for an international audience. It contains stories on the ‘big names’ Wytze has met and offers the reader a peek behind the European scenes. ‘The Fixer’ are the ‘mémoires’ of a Frisian boy who climbs his way up in lobby ‘wonderland’. Faced with headwinds, Wytze manages to bounce back and to get things fixed. ‘The Fixer’ is about resilience and loving people, written in an

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Arnoud Heeres

« I bought the original (Dutch) version of this book when it was officially presented in a Brussels pub back in 2014. I even got it signed by the Author, something for which I am eternally grateful, as when the day comes I put it up for auction, Saudi princes will try to outbid each other to obtain my precious copy. »

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910, 2016

Het Oliemannetje

octobre 9th, 2016|Categories: The-fixer news|0 Comments

Dit boek laat de lezer meekijken in de machinekamers van de macht. Een reeks grote namen passeert de revue, van Barroso, Kroes tot Van Rompuy. Op vermakelijke wijze beschrijft hij zijn belevenissen als lobbyist met [...]

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