Our services


  • Provide you with advice and assistance to fix issues for you/your team
  • Help you to be more effective and happy at work and in your private life
  • Reinforce team spirit and increase self-confidence and shared success
  • Charge your mental batteries and give new energy, insight and contacts
  • Offer insight in how the EU functions and how you can raise influence
  • Make Public Affairs & Public Relations effective + get more out of Europe
  • Learn essential Do’s & Dont’s + Tips & Tricks in Lobbying & Networking;
  • Lessons on resilience, personal strength and… at the end of the day…
  • A much more productive, happy and engaging/engaged YOU


  • Executive Coaching, for individuals or teams/organisations
  • Personal Development Coaching, in Brussels, Barcelona or @you
  • Teambuilding, off-site events, mental retreats, Zen and Fun events
  • Motivational speeches, courses, book presentations, Moderating
  • Masterclasses, Training sessions, College tours, debating sessions

Topics & Themes:

  • Lobby is my Hobby : The Tips & Tricks of a Toplobbyist
  • Effective Networking : How you can become a Fixer
  • Resilience Rules : YOU are the key to Success !
  • It’s all about People : Intercultural Intelligence.

Location & Logistics:

  • Flexible : in Brussels (my office), in Barcelona or at your place/office
  • Inclusive : We can organize sessions, events and training from A to Z
  • Tailor-made : Intake meetings, customized to your needs, Evaluation
  • Size matters : From 1 participant (indivudual) to 2.500 people (events
  • Result-driven : it is all about YOU and YOUR output counts to us !

What people are saying

Arnoud Heeres

« I bought the original (Dutch) version of this book when it was officially presented in a Brussels pub back in 2014. I even got it signed by the Author, something for which I am eternally grateful, as when the day comes I put it up for auction, Saudi princes will try to outbid each other to obtain my precious copy. »

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