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Chris Smit

Having Wytze as a personal coach is somewhat different than you would expect from a personal coach. I reached out to him because I needed some clarity in direction and to help me clear up some internal struggles I had with myself. Mostly business related but certainly not all.

After our first meeting, I realized I had found the right man.
He doesn‘t tell you so much what to do (who wants that?), but, rather, he lets you explain yourself and then puts his own layer of expertise over that (I‘m pretty sure he has experience in all fields given his background).
So not only you do the talking but Wytze enlightens you also with his stories and expertise. From this expertise, you can distill your own learning points and action steps.
At the end of each talk, he was always able to end the conversation by letting me make one small (but significant) promise to him and to myself improve upon next time. Excellent stuff…”

Chris Smit
Managing Director Culture Matters
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Menno Bart

Wytze is without a doubt the best and the most well-connected Dutch lobbyist in Brussels. He has a fine sense of public affairs and PR, and he knows how to get things done in Brussels.

On top of that, Wytze has a warm and welcoming personality, which makes it a pleasure to work with him. One thing I particularly enjoyed was how he was able to put a lot of trust in his personel, giving everybody big responsibilities, but standing squarely behind his people if something might go wrong.

Menno Bart
Public Affairs Specialist, ADECCO
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Wytze russchen

In 1999 Wytze became the press and parliamentary officer of BUSINESSEUROPE, the European employers’ federation. As of 2001 Wytze performed similar functions (spokesman and political strategy) for the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW in The Hague.

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